Catering, Food & Beverage Industry

CJ Coatings Nationwide has over 25 years’ worth of experience in dealing with catering, food & beverage industry. We have worked in a range of delicatessens’ such as Bakeries and Food Distribution Plants.

As a company, we make sure that all our workers are continually trained and kept up to date so they can provide you with the highest quality service possible. As well as making sure that we meet the ‘health and safety regulations’.

What We Can Do For You?

We can provide you with a whole list of services to improve the look of your building, before we participate in projects like these, when dealing with food and beverages it is vital that we get everything correct, especially when producing our restaurant panel spraying because in the food industry there are a lot of health and safety precautions to take into consideration. Also making sure that we meet the trademarks standard, take a look below at just some of the services we offer in the catering, food & beverage industry.

  • Food Shop Spraying
  • Food Shop Panel Spraying
  • Brewery Hygiene Spraying

The above is just a few of the services which we have on offer, making sure that everything is in fully working order and it is kept to the respectable condition which your business deserves.

Companies We Have Helped

We have had many inquiries from some of the top leading businesses within the UK, some of which you may be familiar with. Take a look below at just a few of them

  • M&S
  • B&Q
  • Tesco
  • Asda
  • Sainsbury’s

Like we said above, these are just a few of the companies we have provided services for over the last couple of years, if you think that you need our help, please feel free to get in touch!

Our Work In The Catering. Food & Beverage Industry

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What Our Customers Had To Say?

As a small independent company, we always make sure that we get our bakery checked every so often to make sure that we are meeting the hygiene standards. We heard about CJ Coatings UK services, and thought it would be great to get our kitchens back tot he way we first got them. The guys did a brilliant job and I am so pleased with the way it has turned out, thank you so much!” –

"Me and my family run a large fast paced restaurant right in the heart of town, people are coming in all day every day.  We needed the restaurant sprayed down completed with a fresh coat of paint, one of my close friends recommended CJ Coatings UK. I gave them a call, and they came over and did the job, and they did it well. The guys were so friendly and did a smashing. Thank you so much guys!" - Dustin Dover 12th May 2015