Electro Static Spraying

CJ Coatings Nationwide are proud to offer their Electro Static Spraying service, this new innovative form of spraying is a fast, cheaper and far more reliable way of spraying. Read below to find out more information.

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  • No Risk Of Over Spray/Mess
  • Quicker & Cost Effective Process
  • Factory Finish
  • Hygienic Solution

What Is Electro Static Spraying?

With the use of high quality spray equipment, our electro static spraying is a very popular choice for our customers. The equipment atomizes and statically charges the paint, which is good for intricate shapes on materials which may be difficult to get all the paint on.

With this type of spray paint. There will be no added mess, spatters or over sprays as the paint comes out only in one direction. Which means our spraying contractors are able to know exactly what they have painted, without the need of going over it.

Why use Electro Static Spraying?

There are many useful factors as to why you should consider using our electro static spraying system. Not only will it save our professionals time, by knowing exactly what it is we are spraying.  It’s a far better cost effective spraying process to invest in, unlike trusting a painter to go over everything wasting your time and money.

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