Low VOC & Water Based

At CJ Coatings Nationwide we are delighted to offer our customers our Low VOC & Water Based spray paint service. An extremely popular choice, with a huge range of benefits. Read below to find out some more about what this service can offer you.

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  • Low-Odour
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Lower Occurrence Of Allergic Reactions
  • High Quality Is Produced

What Is Low VOC & Water Based Paint?

Within this type of paint, contains lower levels of VOC, which is contained inside the paint. It rapidly vaporiser’s entering the air contributing towards both greenhouse emissions and health problems.

This means that not only is Low VOC paint far better for the environment, is it also beneficial for you. We have used this type of paint for many industrial work we have been given, for example on the outside of shop front and schools.

Why Use Low VOC Water Based Paint?

Not only is this type of paint environmentally friendly, there are many other factors which compliment the reasons as to why you should consider using this paint.

The fact it has a low-odour should be enough in itself. As it’s a very common problem that you can always tell when somebody has painted because of the sharp smell, however with Low VOC paint you won’t have to worry about that.

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