In-house Powder Coating

One of our famous spray painting processes, our Powder Coating service is a very popular choice for many of our customers, it’s been around from the very beginning. Take a look below to find out some more information.

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What Is powder coating service?

This type of process allows our customer to have a far stronger coating, which is reliable and a more convenient coating method.  If you are looking for greater longevity and reliability, then powder coating is the process for you.

It is first applied as a dry powder and then heated, to create a far more durable finish compared to other spray painting methods. Not only this, it creates a cleaner and sharper look, so our customers really do receive a high quality service every time.

Why Use powder coating service?

Why wouldn’t you use powder coating? Not only is a cheaper and far more reliable sources of spray paint. It comes in a variety of colours, therefore you can definitely make sure that it’s the design you are hoping for.

And to top it off, powder coatings offers customers a green and environmentally friendly solution, due to the absence of solvents in the paint application. You won’t find anyone else like us!

Powder Coat Benefits

  • No Solvent – Environmentally Safe
  • Extra Thick Powder Coatings
  • Powder Coating is Quick Curing
  • In House Powder Coats

Powder Coating Testimonial

“We used CJ Coatings to complete a number of powder coatings for some equipment we have. They were very quick, incredibly efficient and we will certainly use them again.”

Jane Small

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