Specialist In House Coatings

We have a small selection of specialised coatings services available. These include the application of verometals and special effect spray paints.

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Specialist In House Spraying Services

Specialised Coatings

Although there is not a huge demand, we have a small selection of specialist in house spraying and coating services available.

We are able to provide a verometal application to certain materials. This is a specialised metal spray coating that consists of a metal powder which proceeds to dry once applied to the substrate.

Our special effect spraying services allow us to transform a material from its standard condition and make it appear as a new material. These are most frequently used on sets for productions.

Specialist In House Sprayers

  • Verometal Applications Available
  • Special Effect Spraying
  • Clean, Hygienic and Fast!
  • Highly Cost Effective

Our Specialist In House Spraying Services

Verometal Applications

The application of Verometal consists of a metal spray that created using a metal powder. Once applied to a material it gives the illusion of a metal coating.

Special Effects

We can provide special effect coatings and spraying. This allows to to transform one material and make it appear to be another. Perfect for dramatic sets and productions.

Specialised Spraying Testimonial

“CJ Coatings provided a special effect paint spray to one of our production materials. Everything was completed quickly and to a great standard.”

Caroline Hardy

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