In House Restorations

Whether it be a panel, frame or fitting we can complete a full cladding refurbishment off site with our in house restoration service. It will allow a consistent workflow with no disruption.

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Reliable In House Restoration Services

Cladding Refurbishment

Finding time to arrange for a contractor to come in a complete a full refurbishment or restoration can be hard, as you don’t want to disrupt the work of your staff.

Our in house restoration services allow us to take the effected areas off site and restore them in our in house praying booth.

We are able to complete in house restorations for cladding, frameworks, PVC Panels and more.

In House Restoring

  • No Disruption
  • Cost Effective
  • Clean & Environmentally Safe
  • Accredited In House Sprayers

In House Restoration Testimonial

“We used CJ Coatings to complete a number of in house spraying tasks for some equipment we have. They were very quick, incredibly efficient and we will certainly use them again.”

Jane Small

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