Commercial Roof Light Restoration

Commercial roof lighting are often exposed to a number of aggressive elements, whether that be adverse weather or UV. Our roof light restoration service allows our qualified roof light restorers to restore your roof lighting back to it’s former glory.

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An Affordable Roof Light Restoration Service

As was mentioned previously, roof lights are exposed to a number of aggressive and sometime corrosive elements. The majority of roof lights are coated with a protective film that fights against UV, this can sometime begin to fade, removing its ability to protect the glass from strong sun rays. Our professional roof light restorers will look to complete a roof light restoration, re-coating that UV film, providing your roof light with protection once again.

It’s important to get these albeit small and simple repairs completed sooner rather that later – as we all know, once something is left, it is soon forgotten, that’s exactly why we like to react as quickly as we do to ensure that your roof light restoration is completed, on time, on budget and to a standard that pleases all.

Roof Light Restoration

  • No Replacement Needed
  • UV Protective Film/Gel Applied
  • Increases Roof Light Lifespan
  • National Coverage

Roof Light Restoration Testimonial

“We had noticed the roof lights in our office had started to develop a smeary film over the glass and upon further inspection we noticed that the fittings had started to corrode. We contacted CJ Coatings who completed an on site roof light restoration. Everything was completed to a great standard and extremely quickly”

Rob Matthews

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