Facade Coating Services

Complete a full facade paint spraying project and leave that all important lasting impression. A well-coated facade allows buildings to express their initial designs. Our full facade coatings are available nationwide and include facade spraying for Composite Cladding, Sheet Cladding, Wooden Cladding, Solar Shades and Hygienic Panels.

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Facade Coating Systems – What We Offer

Facades are the centre point of a building’s design or look, whether that be an industrial door or roof sheet. When looked after correctly, and coated professionally they can provide a completely different feel and look to a business. We provide a number of steel coating and spraying services to ensure this is the case.

Facades are available as a range of substrates, however, all of them seem to have the same issue, and that is lifespan. Using the most common methods of on site facade spraying usually results in a lifespan of four and eight years. There are, however, other options made available that are able to increase this lifespan, saving businesses money on facade spraying maintenance.

Fluoropolymer facade coatings are becoming increasingly popular as when they are applied as part of the coating, the lifespan has an impressive increase between fifteen and thirty years. This is a process that our skilled facade sprayers are able to utilise with ease.

We work on a number of facade coating systems that include, but are not limited to; Composite Cladding Panels, Sheet Cladding Systems, Wooden Cladding, Solar Shades and Hygienic Panels, including Clean Environments.

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Composite Facade Cladding

Our bespoke composite cladding panel spraying service. Our specialist team of on site composite coating experts are ready to help you and your business.

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Sheet Cladding System

Our sheet cladding systems are found mainly on commercial buildings. Benefit from our 25 year guarantee when you book a sheet coating service.

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Wooden Facade Cladding

Professional wooden wall cladding coating services available all across the UK, maintaining your buildings exterior, reducing water damages.

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Brie/Solar Shades

Maintain your branding with our bespoke solar shade coatings and solar shade spraying services.

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Hygienic & Clean Environments

Completely remove bacteria from your workspace or food safe environment with our antibacterial clean room coatings.

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Facade Coating Testimonial

“We used CJ Coatings to clean and respray our store front. The natural wear and tear on the building had started to give off a bad impression. The job the guys did was fantastic and our unit looked as good as new”

Richard Collis

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