Hygienic and Clean Room Coatings

Antibacterial and clean room environments are hugely important to those located in the catering industry. CJ Coatings Nationwide offer a full range of hygienic panel spraying and clean room coatings to businesses all over the UK using a specialised ARGENTUM 20 antibacterial acrylic eggshell.

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Antibacterial Coatings for Clean Rooms

CJ Coatings Nationwide provide businesses all over the UK with professional, fully qualified antibacterial spray painting and coating technicians, specialising in the refurbishment of food safe clean rooms and hygienic laboratories.

Food safe production environments must meet a number of health and safety requirements. Using the latest technology in antibacterial coatings, the technicians employed by CJ Coatings Nationwide are able to assist with the implementation of a specialised antibacterial eggshell, meeting requirements for health and safety law.

Acrylic Antibacterial Coating Used

CJ Coatings Nationwide utilises the ARGENTUM 20 eggshell for antibacterial coatings. A high performance product that offers complete protection to environments where cleanliness and protection against bacteria is vital.

This high performing eggshell can be used for interior walls, ceilings and woodwork. The scratch resistant chemicals incorporated within the antibacterial spray coating forms an incredibly strong film that protects against multi-bacterial growth. These include MRSA and E-Coli.

The professional sprayers provided by CJ Coatings Nationwide use this product for environments that require a faultless standard of hygiene. This product is recommended for use within hospital coating refurbishments, healthcare and dental facilities and food production centres.

All of our hygienic clean room spraying services are available nationwide and come with a full 25 year guarantee, subject to a free on site survey.

Benefits of ARGENTUM 20

  • Leaves a Resistant Antibacterial Finish
  • Excellent Wear-Resistance
  • Food Safe & Healthcare Coatings
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Our Food Safe and Clean Room Coatings

Brewery Coatings

Breweries require an antibacterial coating to protect the brewing process. Our brewery spraying does exactly this.

Food Production

Our food production coatings provide full protection against aggressive, unsafe bacteria. Free quotations available.


Our clean room sprayers provide antibacterial laboratory coatings to Schools, Government Buildings and more.

Engineering Bays

Engineering environments are prone to being exposed to bacteria. Our engineering spraying looks to prevent this.

Clean Room Spray Testimonial

“Our science lab needed to be re-coated as part of a full refurbishment. Our facilities manager contacted CJ Coatings UK and they provided a full antibacterial laboratory spray. Not once did they cause any problems, I was able to complete my work as normal through-out the process. ”

Dr Anthony Clark

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