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Wooden wall cladding is becoming increasingly popular. Our wooden wall cladding coating services have grown with the demand. All of our wooden cladding spraying services are available nationwide with a full 25 year guarantee.

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Wooden Cladding Systems Specialist

Wooden wall cladding is extremely popular. Unfortunately, like metal cladding, the joints and fittings can become faulty due to leaks, cracks and other additional damages. Our wooden cladding systems aim to prevent leaks from causing further damages before they cause a major problem.

We use a variety of techniques that have been tested thoroughly when we complete wooden cladding spraying, this ensures that the quality of the finish remains high and the coating continues to prevent water damage long after we have gone.

We are preferred applicators for a number of wooden wall cladding coating manufacturers, this is proven by the consistent volume of enquires we receive direct from clients, claiming to be referred directly.

All of our wooden cladding coatings are available nationwide and come with an impressive 25 year guarantee, subject to a free on site survey.

Wooden Cladding Systems:

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  • Easy to Maintain
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Wood Cladding Coating Testimonial

“We had constant problems with the wood cladding on our building, unfortunately, we had an issue with a previous contractor and the work was not to standard. CJ Coatings were able to provide a competitive quotation and completed the work in great time. Our wooden cladding is now at a standard that we are proud of.”

John Wallis

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