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Prevent leaks and unnecessary damages with a complete gutter lining coating, saving you ££££’s on regular maintenance. With a broad product range at our disposal, you can be sure that we have a gutter lining system that is perfect for you and your buildings needs.

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Gutter Lining Systems & Re-Lining Available

We discover a number of the gutter lining systems we work on as part of the roof sheet spraying we complete for businesses. Upon identifying faulty and potential dangerous gutter lining systems we are able to provide a complete site survey that will include the sourcing and installation of a complete gutter repair and gutter respray.

Unfortunately, over time the gutter lining within the system can become faulty. There are a number of things that can be considered as the overall cause of the guttering failure. The most popular causes of these faults are due to inadequate or poorly maintained falls within the system. This is caused by incorrect or poor initial installation.

Failing to maintain the fall correctly can and will most definitely result in a considerable amount of standing water, which will eventually result in a failure of the substrate. Something that can be easily avoided with regular maintenance. This is exactly what our gutter lining services offer, a complete, professional gutter relining and safety spraying.

Other common faults with gutter lining systems have been known to include poor, slow or non existent drainage, cracks and breaks within the gutter lining as a result of natural wear and tear.

Our gutter lining systems allow you to have your businesses guttering repaired with our specialist team of technicians. All of which have completed the relevant ‘working at height’ training. All of our guttering system services come with a standard 25-year guarantee, subject to our free site survey.

We have a number of industry recognised products at our disposal that will aim to provide state of the art water proofing and long lasting protection against adverse weather conditions.

Gutter Lining Systems Will:

  • Gutter Lining will Increase Capacity
  • Eliminate Water Ingress
  • Gutter Lining will Save Money
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Gutter Lining Testimonial

“The guttering at our office building had been failing for a long time. We agreed a quotation with CJ Coatings and their team was very professional. There was no disruption during working hours and the guttering is now as good as new”

Ruth Davies

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