Intumescent Coatings

High rise buildings and outdated materials are susceptible to fire damages and can quickly burn out of control. We offer tried and tested intumescent coatings and fireproof cladding spraying to ensure modern buildings remain safe and meet the necessary health and safety requirements.

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Fireproof Cladding Coatings

The need for fireproof cladding coatings are currently well documented in the UK. The unforgettable events that occurred at the Grenfell Tower Block in 2017 are enough evidence of that. CJ Coatings Nationwide has an established team of on site spraying and cladding panel contractors that specialise in intumescent coatings and firesafe cladding spraying.

The fire retardant coatings are designed to withstand more heat and significantly reduce the speed on which the flames are able to spread in the event of a fire. Outdated cladding sheets are highly combustable and require the correct fire safe spray coating to ensure events such as the Tower fire in 2017 are not a regular occurrence.

Intumescent Coatings Features

  • Reduction in Combustible Sheets
  • Reduce the Speed of Spreading Flames
  • Available Nationwide
  • 25 Year Guarantee

Fireproof Coatings Testimonial

“We had our cladding sheets and board tested and they did not meet the necessary fire safety requirements. We needed a fireproof coating applied to prevent the risk of fire in our building. The intumescent coating provided by CJ Coatings UK was well priced and enabled us to meet our safety requirements.”

Joseph Watmoore

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