Steel Coatings

As part of the steel coating service we provide, we aim to ensure that the metals we work with are protected in the long term against a range of industrial chemicals. All of the steel spraying services we have to offer are available all over the UK.

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Structured Steel Coatings Services

Steel and other metals are prone to damages against aggressive chemicals. Here at CJ Coatings Nationwide, we provide anti-corrosive steel coatings to ensure that the structures last as long as possible, increasing their lifespan, therefore saving you money in maintenance costs on curtain walling and facades.

Our steel paint spraying is designed as a physical barrier, looking to fight against and protect the framework from chemicals and corrosive materials.

Benefits Of Steel Spraying

  • Protective Layers Against Chemicals
  • Cost Effective – Reduces Maintenance
  • Accredited Structured Steel Sprayers
  • Nationwide, 25 Year Guarantee

Intumescent Steel Coatings and Spraying

Intumescent Coatings

An intumescent coating is designed to expand when exposed to high levels of heat. For this reason, intumescent spraying has become popular amongst structured steel frameworks in warehouses and distribution centres to help protect the staff and building structure in the case of a fire.

CJ Coatings Nationwide provides a intumescent coating for steel structures. Please contact us today to arrange a free quotation.

Steel Coating Testimonial

“Our warehouse framework needed to be resprayed. I contacted CJ Coatings UK after researching the company and felt that they could provide the service I needed. The turn around time for the quote was excellent and the coating was completed in no time. A great company.”

Julie Rogers - Site Manager

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