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Environmentally Responsible Services by CJ Coatings UK

Do Your Bit For The Environment: Use Our Environmentally Responsible Services

Climate change is very real, more and more images are leaking into the public conscience of the damage that we collectively have done to the world in which we live. In light of this, more companies than ever are making their green credentials a priority.

As a company, CJ Coatings UK are committed to limiting the impact our actions have upon not only the environment, but also on the longevity of our planet. One way in which we simultaneously demonstrate this commitment and help our clients demonstrate theirs, is through our range of Environmentally Responsible Services.

Our Environmentally Responsible Services include:

BREEAM Environmentally Responsible ServicesBREEAM:

BREEAM is the world’s leading certificatory benchmark for the environmental assessment of buildings and structures. We can provide consultation and application services regarding the optimum paints and systems to ensure compliance.


HVLP paintings systems and related services offer a means of paint application which is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. This is due to reductions in the overspraying associated with traditional methods.

Low VOC:

Low VOC, or Volatile Organic Compound, paint produces a high quality coating which is durable, UV resistant and provides stunning aesthetics. Low VOC is substantially better for the environment than traditional paints due to the lower levels of ozone damaging emissions and smog-forming chemicals produced.

Services Environmentally ResponsibleWater Based Spraying:

Similar to Low VOC paints, our water based paint spraying services offer the same high quality finished product associated with traditional painting methods, in terms of visual quality, durability and longevity of the finish. However water based paints emit far less damaging and harmful emissions, including hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), resulting in less harm to both the environment and those who frequent interiors where it has been applied.

The scope of our Environmentally Responsible services, mean that they are suitable for use on a wide range of applications. This means that we can say with assurance that at least one of our Environmentally Responsible services will be suitable for use on your project, enabling you to enjoy the excellent aesthetic and practical results which come from all our coatings, with peace of mind knowing that you have done your bit.

For further information about our range of Environmentally Responsible services, or to arrange free, no obligation onsite survey of your site or premises, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005.


BREEAM, or Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology, is considered to be the globally leading method for assessment and the rating system for buildings. Currently over 200,000 buildings have received a BREEAM certified assessment rating. Since its creation in 1990 over one million buildings have registered for assessment.

Is that all? No, BREEAM also sets the global standard for the best practices in the construction, design and operation for sustainable building. BREEAM is now one of the most widely recognised assessment measures, due to the comprehensive nature of their measures to accurately gauge the environmental performance of a building.

What Is A Bream Assessment?

Typically, when assessing the environmental performance of a building a BREEAM assessment utilises a number of recognised performance measures. These are then set against pre-established benchmarks in order to successfully ascertain a building’s specification, design, construction and use. The measures utilised as part of a BREEAM assessment are comprehensive and cover a wide range of categories, which range from energy to ecology in their diversity. Included within each of these categories are aspects which relate to energy and water use, pollution, transport, waste, materials, ecology, the internal environment (in layman’s terms health and wellbeing) and the management processes.

Only licensed organisations, which employ assessors who have obtained qualification and training through an accredited UKAS competent person scheme, are able to conduct BREEAM certified assessments. However, BREEAM assessments do not need to be completed during the design or construction phase of a building’s life, they can be undertaken at any stage of a building’s life cycle.

But what tangible results does a BREEAM assessment and rating provide for clients, developers and designers? Collected beneath are a number of the advantages which are provided obtaining a Breaam certified assessment rating:

  • An environmental impact benchmark which is higher than those required by existing regulation.
  • A practical system which reduces a building’s running costs, whilst also improving both working and living conditions.
  • Confidence, both internally and externally within an organisation, that a tried and tested environmental practice is being incorporated and utilised throughout the building.
  • A measure of market recognition for low environmental impact buildings.
  • A recognised standard which recognises an entity’s progress towards both its corporate and organisational environmental objectives.

Each year BREEAM recognise the highest scoring buildings assessments certified under the BREEAM schemes during the previous year in the BREEAM awards. In order to qualify, a building must meet the following requirements:

  • Be completed and certified.
  • Have, during the BREEAM assessment, at least obtained an “Excellent” rating.
  • Provided evidence to show that the building has excelled in every environmental category within BREEAM.