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Curtain Walling Refurbishment

Refurbishing Curtain WallingCurtain walling can be widely observed on buildings in most urban landscapes. Typically it is utilised to encase the exteriors of commercial buildings and multi storey constructions such as flats. Unlike some of the other construction aspects of the building, the curtain walling does not provide structural support. Instead curtain walling is attached to the floors or columns of a building, therefore it does not carry any additional dead load weight.

Due to the scope of a curtain walling project many companies put it off for as long as possible. This is frequently due to the erroneous assumption that a refurbishment would require removing the curtain walling. Thankfully this assumption is incorrect, curtain walling can be effectively refurbished onsite, without any downtime for those utilising your building. Professional companies are able to work at height to effectively clean, repair and recoat your curtain walling in-situ.

Why Refurbish Curtain Walling Through Recoating?

Numerous curtain walling systems contain anodized aluminium extrusions, overtime these can become dirty. However cleaning these surfaces can prove problematic as using inadequate products will actually destroy the extrusions finish. This is especially important as frequently curtain walling cannot be re-anodized in situ, creating further problems. Recoating creates an excellent means of restoring these extrusions to their previous aesthetic glory, whilst also protecting the underlying anodized coating.

Perhaps the number one offender of damage to curtain walling is moisture seeping into the inside of the curtain walling system from the outside of the building. This process is otherwise known as water penetration. One of the main functions of curtain walling is to protect the building it encases from the Curtain Walling Refurbishingworst of the weather, therefore if the coating of the walling is compromised it is unable to do its job. Recoating provides a cost effective means of ensuring that the walling is waterproofed once again and able to perform its function.

Often curtain walling is not cleaned regularly, this is especially troublesome if it was powder coated during the manufacture process as dirt can cause the coating to deteriorate. The failure of powder coating, can also result in the failure of the coating to be waterproofing, resulting in water penetration.

CJ Coatings UK are specialist providers of curtain walling refurbishment services, including recoating. We have extensive experience providing these services on a range of applications ranging from car parks to extensive commercial complexes. For further information about our service offering, or to arrange a free no obligation site survey, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01908 467990.

Refurbishing Curtain Walling

What Is Curtain Walling?

Curtain walling is an external layer which can be found affixed to the outside of commercial buildings, typically multi-storey constructions. The curtain walling is connected to the building through the floors or columns, and as such is not a structural support, therefore carrying no dead load weight. Previously the majority of curtain walling was constructed from steel, but with the rise in popularity of lighter metals most modern curtain walling is constructed from aluminium.

Curtain walling has become exceedingly popular over recent years. This popularity can be attributed to the system’s ability to cover large expanses, this is due to curtain walling being extremely light weight, making them ideal for use over multiple stories. The rise of curtain walling is due to architectural changes in how buildings bear weight. Previously exterior walls carried the buildings weight, however with the rise of steel and reinforced concrete load bearing columns, buildings exteriors became increasingly decorative, using large amounts of glass.

Typically, curtain walling forms a frame which is like a grid, usually surrounding glass panes, metal and stone panels are not unknown. Refurbishing curtain walling, using the services of professionals, is not as difficult as you may first suspect. These companies can work at height, cleaning and recoating the curtain walling to produce a truly stunning appearance.

Why Recoat Curtain Walling?

A significant amount of curtain walling is constructed from aluminium extrusions which are anodized. In such cases dirt can be problem as a number of cleaning chemicals will ruin this finish. Currently, these is no way of re-anodizing curtain walling in-situ, but recoating provides an excellent means of protecting the metalwork and improving the aesthetics of the structure.

One of the main factors responsible for the deterioration of curtain walling is moisture penetration. This results in moisture seeming from the building’s exterior into the curtain walling’s interior. This process detracts from the practical utility of the curtain walling, namely to protect the building from inclement weather. Recoating curtain walling provides a cost effective means of protecting curtain walling from moisture penetration as the coating creates a waterproof surface which bonds to the substrate.

Gone are the days when paint coatings simply changed the colour of the surface to which they are applied. Modern coatings offer a number of additional benefits such as anti-corrosion and UV light protection. Applying these coatings to your curtain walling not only improves how they look but also improves its longevity.