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Metal Spraying: Let CJ Coatings UK Revamp Your Metalwork

When it comes to revamping metalwork, often spraying is the optimum solution. This is not purely due to the exceptional aesthetic effects achieved by this method of paint application, nor the wide selection of coatings available. It is also due to the fact that the aerosol can paints actually fuse to the metal surface to which they are sprayed upon. This means that a far stronger surface coating is achieved, providing prolonged protection to the underlying substrate and enhanced durability when compared with other coating options.

In many cases, we perform metalwork based spraying services onsite, however this is not always the optimum solution. In cases where the onsite spraying of metal work is not appropriate, we perform this work offsite at our dedicated and state of the art spray booths at our premises.

Spraying metalwork offsite has a number of advantages when compared to spraying onsite. Perhaps chief of these is the fact that our spraying booths are highly controlled environments. This means that your metalwork is recoated in a dust free environment which has the optimum temperature and humidity level. Performing our spraying services in such an environment ensures the optimum coating is achieved, that offers the greatest level of aesthetic quality and longevity.

The dust free environment in our spraying booth is achieved through a number of filtration, ventilation and extraction processes. The removal of any and all dust from the spraying environment is imperative, as the presence of even the slightest dust can ruin an otherwise flawless spray based coating, causing it to be compromised. Performing our offsite spraying in the controlled environment of our spraying booths also has the additional benefit of ensuring that all overspray and atomised solvents are contained, preventing them from being released into the surrounding environment where they can cause harm.

In addition, through the use of our offsite spraying facilities we are able to offer our client’s far quicker turnaround rates on their metalwork than can be accomplished onsite. This is because we have a low bake facility which enables us to cure paint quickly, allowing use to provide turnaround rates which are both efficient and prompt.

For further information about our offsite spray facilities for the effective spraying of metalwork features, or to enquire about costings and turnaround rates, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005 . Equally, email enquiries can be sent to us at: info@cjcoatings.com.

Change Your Bedroom Furniture Look At Minimal Cost

Change Bedroom Furniture Minimal CostOver time, many homeowners decide that they wish to change the interior aesthetics of their homes and living spaces. This can be due to a number of reasons, ranging from the desire to breathe new life into an interior that has become tired or dated right through to the simply wanting a change of scenery.

When embarking on an interior revamp project one of the, seemingly, hardest aspects of the interior to bring in line with the new design appearance is often the furniture. Walls, doors and wood features can be easily customised with a new coating of paint. Furniture, on the other hand, often does not seem to be so easy to revamp. Increasingly, due to a desire to find a cost effective alternative and wishing to reduce the impact of their actions on the environment, people are looking for alternatives to simply buying new furniture.

One solution that is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners is to revamp their bedroom furniture through the use of offsite spraying companies. These companies provide a spray based paint coating on the surface of furniture to give it a brand new appearance. Where they differ from other spraying companies is that all of the work they undertake is completed at their premises, often in dedicated spraying booths, away from your home.

Offsite spray paint services have gained increased levels of popularity in recent years for providing homeowners with brand new looking furniture for a number of reasons. Perhaps chief among these is the fact that an offsite spray based revamp can be accomplished for a fraction of the price of purchasing brand new furniture, offering homeowner’s substantial savings. Another reason is that with offsite spraying, homeowners have literally unlimited customisation options for their furniture. Due to the diversity of colours and coating finishes of spray paints available, customers are able to not just select the optimum colour for their project, they can also select the coating finish, whether this be matt, gloss or even metallic!

CJ Coatings UK offer customers a dedicated offsite spraying service, in order to breathe new life into their bedroom furniture. All of our offsite spraying work is completed in a timely manner, to meet your deadlines. All work is undertaken in our dedicated spraying booths and completed by professional, qualified spray technicians.

For further information about our offsite spraying services, or to enquire about costings and timescales, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005.