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Why Shopfronts Need To Be Revamped

It is perhaps no secret that over recent years the high street of most British towns and cities have become pretty barren places. It was estimated during 2014 as many as one in seven shops were vacant. Perhaps most depressing about these figures is that the study found that this number was likely to continue in coming years. The study estimated that by 2018 this figure would stand at about one in five high street shops being vacant.

Shopfronts Why Need to be RevampedIn the face of these facts it is more important than ever for shops to invest in their external appearance. This is the first point of call for customers, therefore it is imperative to make a good impression in order to entice would be customers into your shop.

Perhaps the main reason why many shop owners are reluctant to invest in revamping their shop’s external appearance is the perceived financial cost and loss of business due to downtime whilst the project is completed. Whilst this can be true of certain revamp methods, it is certainly not true of spray based recoating projects.

Increasingly spray based recoating projects are becoming a popular means for shop owners to rebrand their premises. The reasons for this are threefold. Firstly, shopfront spraying is not time extensive, most shopfront spraying projects can be completed overnight, whilst the shop is closed, resulting in no downtime and loss of business as a result of the project. In addition to this, due to the fact that a spray based rebrand is not labour or time intensive, a stunning effect can be achieved at a low financial cost.

The second reason is that shopfront spraying can produce stunning aesthetics, this is due to the quality of the coating produced. Unlike other paint application methods, spraying produces a consistent coating throughout the substrate to which is applied. The stunning appearance provided is enhanced by the fact that you can literally select any colour you desire for your respray project. This means that you can select a colour to match your existing brand image, or even take the revamp as an opportunity to rebrand your shop.

The third reason why shopfront spraying is becoming an ever popular method for revamping high street shops is due to the fact that the process actually protects the shopfront from damage. The spray paint actually bonds with the underlying substrate, forming a protective coating against moisture, dust and other damage.

Shop Front Spraying

Store Spraying and Repairs

CJ Coatings UK have a vast experience in shop front spraying and refurbishments, we provide cost effective solutions from general refreshers to a complete change of corporate colours, We also offer a colour match service that will allow us to produce any colour required.

We can save you time and money by sanding back and spraying your shop front window frames. When shop window frames look tired or run down, we offer a service that can bring them back to life.

Our operatives can strip back the existing paint work, fill any small damages (scratches, dents, etc), sand the surfaces and apply new fresh industrial grade coatings to make them look like new.

So if you are a shop owner who wants to tidy up your shop front or want to rebrand with new corporate colours then CJ Coatings UK can provide the shop front spraying services that you require.

For more details on our shop front spraying and refurbishment services please click here.