About Alucobond

Another one of our manufactures, ‘Alucobond’ targets many industrial service areas.  From Construction to Installing & Maintenance.  One of their main areas of expertise is developing, manufacturing high quality aluminium panels, which they have been doing so for over 40 years now. A German business with a difference.

This isn’t everything, whilst making sure that all the services they provide are the highest quality they can possibly be. Alucobond also takes into consideration the environmental factor of their services. They do this by preserving natural resources in order to ensure that they are ready for use for the next day.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

With the many services that Alucobond had to offer, we had to! Being a huge company in many countries, one being the UK, their services never go UN noticed. And to top it off, their care for the environment is one of the key factors which drew us here at CJ Coatings Nationwide to them in the first place.

Whilst producing excellent services to their customers, and still providing a positive impact on the environment is a remarkable achievement.

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