About Euroclad

Euroclad is one of the UK’S largest leading supplier of metal roof and wall products, producing high performance for commercial buildings.

What was once founded in 1981, has now grown into the exceptional success it has proven to be to this day. Offering cost effective and easy solutions for their customers, on all services.

Listening and putting their customers first is the company’s main priority. They once started off in the little county of Cardiff with only a handful of staff, however with the fast demand of the services they company has progressed dramatically over the past years.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

This was really a no brainer for us here at CJ Coatings Nationwide, their moto of always putting the customers first and listening to their needs is what we are all about. Not only is this, their experience and knowledge within the metal roof and wall production something which we at CJ Coatings Nationwide can learn from.

With Euroclad’s fast demand for services and the popularity to use them as a service is highly achievable and we wish one day to be as successful as them. Working together, we believe we can really create high quality services for our customers.

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