About Firewall

Firewall specialises in metal stud partition, plastering and suspended ceiling. Undertaking strict fire protection, air sealing and panel white wall works.  Established in 2007, they have developed a well-respected business for their customers providing them quality services.

Although they were established not too long ago, they have themselves over 20 years industry experience. So they understand exactly what their customers want and need. Not only this, they have valuable engineers on hand to give their customer’s expert advice.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

As a company, we decided it would be beneficial for us to invest in partnering up with the manufacturer ‘Firewall’. As their experience and expertise within the services they provide is like no other, we couldn’t argue there.

Offering ceiling and panel services, means that we can work together and combine our knowledge and experience to provide our customers with a high quality service every time.

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