About Hemsec

Starting off right in the early ages of 1928, producing chill cabinets for major food companies, has progressed to being one of the largest developing technology insulated composite panel companies. Providing a wide variety of panel distribution services to commercial buildings, Hemsec really have taken the latest technologies into providing the highest quality service possible.

But that’s not it, not only do they offer Panel services they provide other services, such as; fixings, flashing, ceiling suspensions, doors and windows. Whilst taking into consideration the environmental factors, such as Global Warming.  By committing themselves as a company to do everything commercially, helping to reduce the Carbon Footprint.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

At CJ Coatings Nationwide, we offer a full host of commercial and industrial services whilst being in partnership with a host of leading manufactures. We decided to partner with Hemsec, as the work panel work they have produced for their customers has been impeccable.

Whilst being intact with their environmental side, means that they are more about business. They pay attention to the bigger picture, and tries to implement their daily work into helping the world we live in.

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