About Kingspan

Kingspan is a leading supplier of commercial insulation, building fabrics and solar envelopes. Here at CJ Coatings Nationwide, we provide a number of services, approved by this leading manufacturer. However, not every one realises that repairs can be completed and often proceed to a full replacement. We provide on site spraying, and panel repairs for the Kingspan product range. This allows us to repair small dents, holes, small scratches and carry-out respraying where needed as well as minor scuffs and indentations.

Any repair or respray of a Kingspan product must meet the manufacturers specifications. Failing to do so may result in a void guarantee, if one is present and could have serious implications on our relationship, something we are not planning to do any time soon so you can be sure that your Kingspan panel repair or respray will be done in a professional and thorough manner.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

With Kingspan being the leading supplier of the following services we offer, we thought together we can create something worth while for our customers.

Being Kingspan approved means that the services we are able to give you are 100% professional work, which is of a high standard and the best that it can possibly be.

Letter of Recommendation

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