About Trimo

Providing services for steel buildings, roofs, facades, steel construction, containers and sound proof systems. At Trimo they are the number one company to go to for any construction improvement services.  They create buildings like it’s their passion, making sure that they meet every customer’s criteria the best way they know how.

The serve for many industries, such as, Business Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Logistic Buildings, Educational Buildings, Transportation Buildings and a further long list to choose from. But that’s not all, at Trimo they provide variety of services to improve the exterior and interior of your building structure.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

For us at CJ Coatings Nationwide, it was completely obvious as to why we had to go into partnership with Trimo. Their attention to detail in providing their customers with beautiful construction work is what attracted us.

Their high client rate and many projects they have taken on, allows our team to gather valuable experience and knowledge from the Trimo team. Together, we believe we can work together to create high quality services for our customers.

Letter of Recommendation

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