About Bromoco

Specialising in restoration and maintenance of all metal and coated substrates. Working with architectural surfaces, they can extend life, increase the value and enhance the beauty of any exterior building. Some of the main features which Bromoco touch up on are; stainless steel, aluminium, anodized, powder coating, windows, curtain walling and cladding.

They also provide cost effective and high standard services nationwide, by working with a vast variety of different materials. Their goal is to provide high level quality services, using their range of unique technologies, which are advanced within the industry.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

CJ Coatings Nationwide offer many similar services as do Bromoco, together we can learn from each company’s skills and knowledge to provide our customers with a high quality service, every time. Their passion and commitment to produce high quality services, is what we are all about.

As do we, they too offer continual training and development to their employees. We at CJ Coating’s believe that this is vital within this industry, as it means our employees are kept up to date with the latest trends and technologies, as well as understanding what the customers really want.

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