About Girosil

GIROSIL is an innovative protective coating system created to treat the applied area through anti-corrosion treatment, joint and substrate encapsulation. GIROSIL can be applied to a number of different surfaces including roofing, guttering and edging. It provides exceptional resistance to weathering retaining long lasting results without any cracking or peeling. GIROSIL can also be applied to areas of extreme temperature changes and is unaffected by UV extremes.

The unique formula of GIROSIL basecoat and sealant uses laminar flake technology to seal and bond corrosion. The paintwork has been specially formulated to be moisture tolerant and can be applied to wet or damp condition.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

CJ Coatings Nationwide decided to work with GIROSIL due to their products and expertise in dealing with roofing finishes. The products they provide can be applied to many of the industries we serve. GIROSIL offer some of the UK’s leading weather resistant products with minimal touch up needed and is highly effective.

Our teams are thoroughly trained in applying GIROSIL paint; we can provide complete spraying of any roof, guttering or edge. Providing water resistance and anti-corrosion features. It’s also perfect for any areas that may be exposed to extreme temperature changes.

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