About Sika

One of the largest partnerships we have made at CJ Coatings Nationwide, Sika provide a full host of industrial building services from; concrete, waterproofing, flooring, sealing & brooming, refurbishment and industry. Picking one at random, their roofing services are like no other. One of their main key factors when producing roofing services is the environment, by using low liquid emissions and solvent free water proof membranes.

Being as strong as there are, they stand for three things. Quality, Innovation and services. The brand is recognised all across the Globe, by offering their practical and unique services. All of their employees are remarkably trained and know-ledged within each of the many services they provide.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

With the many services which they provide, we here at CJ Coatings Nationwide can relate to, we believed working together we can provide our similar target market with the highest quality services they deserve. Also, their years of experience is something which should be recognised within this industry, as they are experts within their field.

Creating brilliant services is what we are all about, as we always believe there is always room for progression and innovation within the business. Working with Sika means that we can strive to be the best which can possibly be.

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